It is almost time to meet the newest member of your family. From leaving the hospital to extra nappies, here’s how parents can prepare for baby’s arrival home.

Leaving Hospital

While preparing the perfect nursery is an exciting moment, it’s important you do not overlook what you will need to leave hospital.

When packing for baby, make sure you have plenty of clothes including a comfortable outfit for travelling home in.

The most important thing you need to prepare is a car seat. You cannot leave the hospital if this has not been installed. We recommend installing a car seat around one month before your due date..

Arriving Home

Shopping for cute outfits is great fun, but make sure you stock up on the necessary items as well.

The last thing you want is to run out of nappies the first few days you arrive home. Whether you choose disposable or reusable nappies, make sure you have more than you think you’ll need. Newborns go through about 8 to 12 nappies a day! The big items like prams and bassinets are fun to pick out but don’t forget those smaller but essential items that will keep your baby clean and happy.

Burp cloths, nappy cream, hand sanitiser, wipes – these are all important items you will want to make sure you have ready for bub’s arrival.

Other Preparations

You have stocked up on nappies and the car seat is installed, what else do you need to prepare for baby’s arrival? There are a few other considerations many might not think about before baby arrives, such as pets, older siblings and food preparation.

For those with pets it’s important to pet-proof your house. A new baby might be a shock for your beloved pet so make sure to take measures to keep both your pet and baby safe. See our blog on How To Integrate Your Baby With Your Pet.

Older siblings can also take time to adjust to a new baby in the house. Spend time with them before you go into hospital and make them part of the journey. Let them help pick out outfits and cots –  it’ll get them excited to be an older sibling.

Do the basics before you’re due to head to the hospital. Clean the house and cook food you can freeze. Once baby arrives home the last thing you will want to do is cook or clean.

Bringing a new baby home is a beautiful time for the whole family so make sure you are prepared early so you can enjoy every moment without unnecessary stress.

You can find a list of items you need for Mum and Bub in our What to Bring to Hospital Checklist.